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Heal that annoying earache!

Earache, while not a dangerous condition, usually causes a lot of discomfort and pain. Most sufferers admit that it occurs more during night or while sleeping than at any other time of the day. Infants and children are especially susceptible to ear ache and ear infections. Babies are likely to be suffering from ear-pain if there’s an abnormal redness or warmth in the ears or if the baby has been continuously crying throughout the night without any apparent reason.

Ear pain may sometimes be accompanied by slight fever and hearing loss, in extreme cases. A lot of things can cause ear aches. It may be caused because of a blockage in the ear or a buildup of a high amount of wax in the ear canal. It may also be linked to a condition the patient might be going through in another part of his/her body, like severe cold, blocked nose and sore throat, sinus infection or tonsils. Infections in the teeth and facial areas can also lead to ear pain.

Mostly the pain occurs behind the ear drums, or in parts of the middle or outer ear, though every part of the ear is vulnerable to an infection. Sometimes the pain is severe and throbbing and in extreme cases, some patients may even hear ugly hums. In these cases, observing and identifying the exact cause of the infection is necessary.

Treatment and natural cures for earache

Eardrops containing a variety of antibiotics can provide instant relief from ear pain. However, medical experts are increasingly recommending natural treatments for curing an ear infection.

Drops of warm liquid or oil when applied near the ear or put inside the ear using a syringe can provide long-term relief. Clove oil, ginger and sesame oil are highly regarded for their ear-healing properties. A few drops of warm oil in the ears clear earwax and prevent infections. If you are suffering from a sore throat, saltwater gargles are helpful for the ears and the throat.

Garlic (lasuna) has long been recommended for providing immediate relief from ear-pain. Even garlic oil can be used. A few leaves of garlic can be boiled in garlic oil, and then applied to the affected area. Holding the oil in the ear for long periods of time can remove pain completely.

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Answer #1

hello! I have try this method budden its like nortt wurking my ear still veh vehh pain lorhhx wth like idc already looorh anw its like damn paiinn neh and iie want noe if their other methods if have contacts yeahhs?

Thks yeah!Bi-iviaaaaaannnn:)

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Answer #2

Hello Jaiyin

We request you to visit your ENT doctor for complete examination of your ear problem. No herbal medicine will give you relief in your acute ear ache problem and physical examination is must for diagnosis of your problem. Further queries are welcome.


Answers Answered By: Dr.AyurvedicCure Level Rating12 points

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