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health questions regarding nutrition

.Eating slate pencils makes our body anemic.slate pencils contains
calcium carbonate.How calcium carbonate makes our body anemic?How it
is possible?please tell me doctor how the calcium carbonate in slate
pencils makes our body anemic when it enters into our human
body?please tell me

2.I want to eat slate pencils,soaked raw rice(i.e raw rice soaking in
water) but it doesn’t make my body anemic.what can i do? what kind of
medicine and food i have to take?please tell me doctor

3.if eat slate pencils,chalk, malnutrition will occur or not?(i.e the eating of slate pencils,chalk interfere with the absorption of normal nutrition food leading to nutritional deficiencies. is it correct or not? please tell me doctor)

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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

The fact is that these habits of eating such non nutritious things are due to anemia. When person is already anemic then he psychologically develops such habits.
So you need to take healthy diet rich in iron so as to overcome such habits or counseling may help.

Thank you Support

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