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Heartburn and hyperacidity

When the stomach contains excessive hydrochloric acid than normal the condition is called hyperacidity. This excessive secernment may lead to ulcer in the stomach. Heartburn is induced when the gastric acid refluxes back to esophagus. Hyperacidity boosts heartburn, ulcers and reflux.

Belching, bitter taste in mouth, nausea, vomiting and loss of appetite are some other symptoms of hyperacidity. After a large meal, a constant pain or burning sensation may occur in the upper abdomen.

Hyper secretion of hydrochloric acid, reflux of gastric acid, not eating on time, stress, anxiety and insomnia, taking fried and spicy food regularly, obesity, pregnancy, excessive smoking, drinking excessive alcohol and wearing tight clothes are some other causes of hyperacidity and heartburn.

Chewing some basil leaves are effective for reducing acid problem in your stomach.

Slowly suck a piece of jaggery for getting relief from heartburn.

Take one spoonful of yellow mustard. Down it with a glass of water is found to be effective.

Almonds are much effective in treating heartburn; chew 5 to 6 almonds when you experience heartburn.

Ginger root juice with honey taken after every meal is effective for treating heartburn.

A glass of chilled milk is a fast and quick remedy for hyperacidity and heartburn.

Apple, watermelon and banana are advocated for people with hyperacidity problem.

Do not haste while eating and always chew your food properly and slowly.

Include plenty of green and leafy vegetables in your daily diet.

Drink enough water and avoid constipation.

Fatty foods, junk food, and alcohol provoke heartburn. Cleanse, Dry, and Grind egg shells into powdery form. Take one tablespoon to your tea with one tablespoon of honey is good for treating heartburn.


G-zyme improves the hunger and can also be used in various digestive disorders such as indigestion. G-zyme can effectively be used in some symptoms such as heaviness in stomach, pain in stomach burning sensation in the chest, burning sensation in the chest and acid eructation.

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