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help with endo

I am a female mid 30\’s w/ endometriosis – I believe it is due to xeno-estrogens (external/environmental toxins that mimic estrogen). I have strong symptoms of hormonal imbalance that have progressed over the last couple of years from being a disturbance & only lasting a few days-week, to now, being a daily struggle. A once strong libido is non-existent (& straining my romantic relationship), chronic inflammation (including arthritis), various skin issues, hair issues, anxiety & every symptom possible associated w/my menstruation. This multitude of issues causes great emotional stress which I know only irritates the problem(s). I have been a ethical vegan for 10+ years & I also avoid Palm Oil ( & all other palm derivitives) also for ethical reasons. I know soy is estrogenic & I try to avoid it. The problem I have run into is that many of the herbs that are for \”detox\” are also \”estrogenic\”. What can you suggest I take to detox & which herbs to balance & support my hormones (& reduce estrogen dominance)?

In: Women's Health, Posted 7 years ago

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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

Sorry we do not have products for hormonal imbalance.

Thank you Support

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