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Herbal cure for numbness in hands and legs

My hands and legs are get stuck , if i keep fold unshake for few minutes in one position without shaking (ie) if i keep my one hand on my head in L angle direction for few minutes than i have to use my another hand to remove that hand from my head , same thing is happening to my legs also , why, what is the problem, medicines for this please

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You are suffering from very common problem of numbness in hands and legs. This numbness generally comes if our limbs stay in one position for long time. Mostly general body weakness is the reason behind this numbness which comes is very quickly and is very frequent. We recommend you to take good diet and start with some physical exercise. Increase water intake. Keep moving your limbs while you are in sitting or standing position to maintain the circulation and avoid numbness. You should take Shilajit regularly to improve over all health and strength of body as well as limbs. This is a natural health tonic and is a good source of antioxidants. It helps in maintaining the normal health, improves stamina and immunity of body. A regular course will help in impricing the circulation and tone up your nervous system. So take medicine regularly and keep your diet good. Further queries are welcome.


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