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Herbal medicines to increase egg production and breast development

Need natural products for egg quality and quantity development in females. What is the medicine for size increment of  breasts.

In: Sexual Problems,Women's Health, Posted 8 years ago

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Ovum or eggs are present at the time birth in the ovaries of a female. These eggs keep on maturing by turn after puberty. Each month one egg matures and is shed by ovary. This mature egg is captured by fallopian tubes for fertilization with sperm and in the absence of fertilization or sperms the ovum is lost. All these processes are under the hormonal control. FSH, Lh and Estrogen are main female hormones which control all physiological changes and ovum production, menstruation etc. Ayurveda has many herbal medicines to strengthen the hormones of female and to regularize the process of ovum production. Ashoka and Regunova Plus are the medicines which strengthens female reproductive system, ovaries, uterus etc. These medicines keep female body healthy, stimulates ovaries for ovum formation, increase uterine tone and regularize menstruation. You should take these medicines regularly to get the healthy and strong reproductive system which produces healthy ovum for fertilization.
Breast Nutritional Support Capsules and Nano Breast Cream are the natural medicines for breast enlargement. The females having underdeveloped breasts , should take these medicines regularly for three months to see satisfactory increase in breast size. These are safe medicines for regular use and help in natural growth in breasts. Further queries are welcome.


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