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Herbal remedies for Arthritis

Arthritis literally means an inflamed state of joints, which describes the disease perfectly. Not only the inflammation caused by Arthritis can be very painful, but the inability to move the affected limbs properly can also cause extreme frustration.

Treatments available for Arthritis:

A person who has developed joint pains should immediately consult a doctor. Only a doctor can rightly diagnose if somebody is indeed suffering from Arthritis. Other than having medicines prescribed by the doctor, an Arthritis patient should also exercise regularly to strengthen the affected joints. However, the patients should first learn from their doctors or physiotherapists which exercises will benefit them. Doing wrong exercises will do more harm than good!

In extreme cases, surgeries are needed to reconstruct the damaged joints.

Some people also resort to alternative treatments such as acupuncture, yoga or magnet therapy. It is advisable to continue medication or any other course of treatment prescribed by your doctor while trying out an alternative therapy.

Herbal remedies to cure Arthritis:

There are a few herbal remedies for Arthtitis, which help lessen the pain and fight the inflammation.

Arthcare capsules, containing a number of herbs, are also very effective in reducing arthritic pain. These capsules are 100% herbal and therefore you do not need to worry about any side effects . Also, they do not contain sugar, salt or artificial sweetener which can be harmful for your health.

Studies show that ginger, an ancient remedy to treat a number of ailments, can help reducing joint pains to some extent. You can have ginger directly or take diet supplements containing extract of ginger.
You can also try shallaki herbal supplements, which contain the extract of shallaki or boswellia. Shallaki not only eases the pain but also helps relaxing the stiffness of your joints by increasing the level of fluid around them.

Devil’s claw is another analgesic herb that is believed to soothe all kinds joint and back pains. You can have it in the form of supplements or you can use herbal ointments containing devil’s claw.

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