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Herbal remedies for dry skin

Dry skin is the worst thing to happen to a woman next only to wrinkles. Dryness makes your skin look rough and patchy and results in itching too. While for most people skin becomes dry only in winters, for some it might be an ongoing concern.

Hormones are hugely responsible in determining your skin’s health. Hormones that have the biggest effect on skin are estrogen, testosterone and DHEA. Estrogen and testosterone keep the skin thick and supple, while DHEA is converted to both estrogen and testosterone and provides benefits to both the hormones. Since men produce a greater level of testosterone than women, their skin is less likely to go as dry as a woman’s. In case of women approaching menopause, the incidence of dry skin tends to be higher because of the decreasing level of estrogen produced in their bodies. Other factors that are responsible for dry skin are age and exposure to sun. As we approach old age, our oil glands become less active resulting in a smaller lipid barrier. Our skin cells start to clump together and appear scalier. Repeated exposure to sun can also dry and damage skin by causing disturbance to the intercellular matrix, thereby reducing its ability to retain moisture.

You can make good the damage done to your skin by using several skin care products, however, the sensible thing to do is to prevent loss of moisture in the first place. Avoid long hot-water baths and immediately apply moisturizer after a bath, to lock the moisture. If you have dry skin, you should avoid using cleansers and soaps on your face, hands and legs everyday. Use non-detergent based products on your skin. Areas that tend to go extremely dry are arms, lower legs and sides of the abdomen. Massage your body and especially these parts with olive oil. Avoid extreme weathers. Try and stay indoors when it’s too windy or extremely cold or too hot outside. In case you are stepping out in the sun, use sunscreen and a gentle lip balm.

Herbs like aloe vera, comfrey, calendula, dandelion, chamomile, fennel, and peppermint help in softening and moisturizing the skin. You can apply aloe vera, comfrey and calendula directly to your skin to prevent dryness.

Haemafine syrup, which is a herbal syrup, purifies skin and cures it of dryness. You can take two tablespoons of the syrup 2-3 times a day for effective results. However, if the dryness still persists, then you should see a dermatologist about it.

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