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Herbal Treatment for hair loss

There are various conditions which may lead to hair loss. In today’s time there are several and even thousand causes which lead to loss of hairs. Many people avoid medical products for treating hair loss. They are mainly opting for herbal products for curing this condition as long term use of medical products takes away the nutrient from your hair and this can cause roughness in hair once you stop using them. Moreover, herbal products do not have any side effect and cost effective.

Medicated products are made from chemical substances that can be harmful and which have harsh effect on hair, both internally and externally.  External effect is that your hair will start falling while you comb them, apply oil on them or wash them. Internal effects are that they cause problem with blood circulation.

Find below some of the herbal remedies to stop hair loss

a) Consumption of sufficient amount of water is good for treating hair loss. Bring fruits, green vegetables in your routine. Stop excessive eating and avoid eating fatty foods.

b) Yet another and most effective way is to boil mustard seeds in water. Drinking this fluid can help you to treat hair loss.

c) Massage your hair with mustard oil to help you get rid of loss of hairs.

d) You can prepare a herbal oil by mixing fenugreek leaves in water for 10 hours or so. Apply this oil on your scalp to get rid of hair loss

e) Olive oil is a proven product which helps re-growth of hair.

There are many home or herbal remedies for curing hair loss. Hair loss is very common in all age groups. This problem is caused by scarcity of some nutrients or due to dust or germs in our hair. This is not a dangerous disease and is easily curable. You need to take immense care of your hair and wash them very often if you are working in a dusty environment.

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For Male Pattern Baldness, the better treatment is hair replacement surgery. hair transplant is a good method for hair restoration. With Quality surgeons and better technicians, your hair loss treatment provides a guaranteed results

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