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Herbal treatment for semen leakage in urine.

It all started about five years ago, I experienced semen leakage even before I started masturbating and also urinate more often which I think was not normal then, I went to see a doctor in my school then, a test was carried out on me and I was told I am perfectly okay.What do you think is my problem?

In: Men's Health,Prostate Problems, Posted 9 years ago

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You have increased frequency of urination and sperm leakage in urine. Both these signs are of infection in urinary system. Generally when the infection is acute this infection comes out in normal urine test or urine culture. But if the infection is left untreated and it turns into chronic UTI then in most of the cases the test reports come out to be normal. But the symptoms of discomfort, increased urinary output, foul smelling secretions in urine, nightfall, sexual weakness etc still persists. This is because the infection has destroyed the immunity and efficiency of urinary system as well as reproductive system. The infection is generally due to masturbation but it can be due to instrumentation or general infection. So we recommend you to start with the regular course of and Shilajit which is a powerful health supplement and help in clearing urinary system infections. It is being used from ancient times to clear the urinary problems like UTI, dhaat or prostatitis, sexual problems and general body weakness. It is a safe aphrodisiac product and is a potent anti aging medicine. It will strengthen the urinary system and improve general immunity of body. Regular course of shilajit will eliminate your problem completely. But if you are also facing sexual problems due to dhaat and over masturbation, take Kohinoor Gold in combination with shilajit for fast and complete solution of your problems. Taking five liters of water daily with lots of fruits and vegetables in diet will help you in faster recovery.


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i find my only solution by ur ayurvedic i would like to thank ur suggetion…

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Very interesting post, I really enjoyed reading it – thank you for the information.

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