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Hi again Mrs. Alice, just wanted to say something. Thanks for answering my questions, and this is only for you, no one else.

To Alice:
Thank you, although i think it’s a bit harsh calling me immature. Can’t a boy just be curious? And it seems that you guys always suggest pills or medicine. Are you guys partnered with other companies? Oh, also i was wondering about my problem. How about Kegel Exercises? You never mentioned anything about that, just pills and stop masturbating. And i am not going to the doctors to get my urine tested. I already told you, it’s just pee, no semen. And if i want to order pills or do anything like that, that requires to talk about it with my mom. I am not going to do that, that’s why i found your website. I believe that you guys (mainly you) can help me and slove my problems without disscussing about it with my mom. You know how nerve-wracking it is to think about telling your mom you masturbate, and to have her probably look at your genitals? I don’t want that, and i am hoping you understand. You probably think i’m dumd but i find myself pretty intelligent.
I think that what i think and how i look at the world is differnt than what you think and look at teh world. I mean no hard feelings and again i thank you. Mabye we can chat more often and become friends. I don’t know your policy and terms about that, but i think that it would be just amazing to talk to someone like you. There’s still so much i would like to discuss and talk about, not online where everyone can see it, but privately between two people. So please let me know what you think and i want to say i appreciate that you take your time to respond to mine and other people’s questions. Thank you~ Only to Mrs. Alice (Sorry not sure if your married or not)

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Answer #1

Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

Our last reply was just to make you understand what is the exact problem and no hard feelings.

Also we had suggested you one of the best possible way to get rid of your problem but if you want it to work it as per your convenience then the choice is entirely your.

We respect your feelings and understand your feelings.

Good Luck.

Thank you Support

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