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Home Remedies for Intertrigo

What is Intertrigo?
The term Intertrigo refers to the rash that occurs where the body folds. The areas where it occurs become red and you will feel discomfort. People who are overweight are normally affected by it. The external layers of the skin get inflamed because of moisture, fungi or bacteria in the skin folds. The areas normally affected are axilla, inflammatory creases, perineum and abdominal folds; and the color varies from pink to brown.

What Causes Intertrigo?

Intertrigo occurs commonly in warm and moist climates. Normally it affects the places on the body where the skin folds and rubs against the other. These places tend to be moist and warm. It is mostly prevalent in people whose weight is high. It might also occur in people who constantly lie on the bed or who are wearing medical devices like artificial limbs, braces and splints. Moisture tends to get trapped in such places thereby giving way to infection.

What are the Intertrigo Symptoms?
Intertrigo symptoms occur where the skin folds, i.e. armpits, inner thighs, belly or below the breasts. Rubbing results in the skin becoming red. If the rubbing continues, the skin breaks open and raw spots appear. Itching, stinging or burning occurs in these areas. Infection is caused by the yeast or bacteria entering these cracks.

How to Treat Intertrigo?
Keep the affected area clean and dry for treatment. Apply cream as prescribed by your doctor to treat for itching and soreness. The following are home remedies for Intertrigo:
• For people who are overweight, losing weight will help.
• Clothing you wear should be loose and cool; cotton clothing is better for wearing next to skin.
• Products having anti-oxidant properties are good for healing Intertrigo such as Aloe vera gel, green tea extract and ginkgo.
• Treat the bacteria with topical antibiotics, e.g. mupirocin ointment, fusidic acid cream or antibiotics such as erythromycin or flucloxacillin that can be taken orally.
• Prepare Malva tea, soak a cloth in it and apply to the infected area to reduce inflammation.

How to prevent Intertrigo?
• Keep the affected area dry and clean; exposure to air will avoid further occurrences.
• In general, maintain good hygiene.
• Wash daily with antibacterial soap and apply Zeasorb AF Powder.

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