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home remedy for contipation

I have severe constipation since 10-15years and very hard stool and very difficult to pass. I have tried lot of things for cure but it did not work out. Tell me some home remedy. I do not want to use laxative.

In: Constipation, Posted 7 years ago

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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic cure

There are various causes of constipation like lack of fiber in diet , insufficient water intake, lack of physical activity. one should treat constipation immediately before it aggravates other problems.

You can overcome this condition with certain dietary modifications, You can take Guava(1-2 are sufficient a day),grapes or spinach can be included in diet.
Other remedy can be for non diabetic, Drink a glass of milk at night before sleep with a liitle more sugar than normal and it will have an laxative effect in morning.
Drink water that has been kept for overnight in a copper vessel, this should be done regularly for few days after getting up from bed as first thing in the morning. This Helps to bring good results.
If constipation still remains same then you can take Triphla powder two teaspoons with luke warm water.

Thank you Support

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