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Home treatments for Ear infection

Ear infection is very common among children but could affect any person at any age. A few basic common causes behind it are common cold, coughing and some sort of allergies.

Try some home remedies to heal ear infection:

Combine white vinegar and water in equal amount and drop in the ear after you lie down so that it goes the whole way in. Hold some drops of garlic juice in a dropper and pour 2-3 drops in your ear with the aid of dropper when you lie down on the other side. Basil leaves are effective for ear infections and earaches; pour 2-3 drops of basil juice in the contaminated ear with the help of a dropper. Boil ground mango leaves in water. Pour 2-3 drops of it in the ear suffering from infection to get ease from pain and infection.

Earwax easily emerges out of the ear if you pour few drops of olive oil. That will prevent ear infection and anguish due to that. Put onion juice in the infected ear.

Add together 1 drop of essential oil of peppermint, cloves or marigold to 1 tablespoonful of almond oil and put 2-3 drops of it in the ear. Heat almost 2-3 cups of salt in a pan. Put salt in a plain white sock and tie it. And position the ear near the sock to get the heat.

Pain allayers such as non-steroid anti-inflammatory drug medicines (such as Advil, ibuprofen, and Aleve) and acetaminophen (such as Tylenol) can help provide comfort. Giving something for pain before bedtime is particularly important. Don’t give aspirin to anyone younger than 20 as its use has been linked to Reye’s syndrome, a dangerous illness that needs emergency treatment.

Giving heat to the ear may also help you relieve the earache.  Apply a hot face cloth or a hot pad. Don’t permit to go to sleep with a hot pad, as he or she could get burnt. Docs often prescribe pain-relieving eardrops for earache. Do not use eardrops without a health professionals advice.

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