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How can gastritis be cured?

Gastritis is a disease that is characterized by inflammation of the stomach lining and is not only rather annoying but can result in various health complications if left untreated. Gastritis is of two types- acute erosive gastritis and chronic atrophic gastritis. The causes of acute gastritis are excessive consumption of alcohol, intake of certain drugs, traumatic injury, stress and surgery. Chronic gastritis may be the outcome of infection caused by helicobacter pylori, iron deficiency anemia or chronic bile reflux.

Symptoms of gastritis:
The symptoms of gastritis vary from individual to individual, depending upon the type and duration of the disease. For instance, individuals with chronic gastritis may complain of nausea and low appetite and have no other symptoms. Other symptoms of the disease include pain in the abdomen that is followed by a feeling of discomfort, particularly in between or after meals. The stools may be blood and mucus filled and may appear to be black.  Other than that, the patient may complain of pain in the region of the chest, nausea, vomiting, belching, heartburn, abdominal bleeding, bloating, fatigue, fever, appearance of blood in vomit, burning in the stomach and diarrhea.

How to cure gastritis naturally?
If you are looking to treat gastritis, you must consume a well balanced and healthy diet and discard all types of junk, deep fried, spicy, pickled and fermented foods from the diet. Intake of tea, coffee, alcohol, aerated drinks, candies, desserts and chilies should be stopped. You must consume lots of fresh fruits such as apples, pineapples, melons, oranges and grapes. Steamed or slightly cooked vegetables such as carrots, cabbage, cucumber, beets and tomatoes are highly beneficial for treating this condition. Sprouted alfalfa and cottage cheese should be consumed in liberal quantities.

It has been found that the combined juices of carrot and spinach are extremely beneficial for curing gastritis. Coconut water should also be taken on a daily basis. It not only gives rest to the stomach but also supplies the much needed nutrients to the body. Eating a tsp of raw fennel after meals also helps boost digestion and prevents gastritis. Ginger root is one of the most commonly used spices all across the globe. You can chew on a small piece of fresh ginger root at least one hour before having your meals to treat this condition.

If you are looking to prevent gastritis you must avoid combining too many different foods in a meal and must eat at least two hours prior to hitting the bed. Do not drink water along with your meals. Take it about half an hour before or after eating.

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