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how can I cure white spots on face? is it because of my wheat allergy? can yo..

I have white spots on face it started after my nightmares went away. the white spots started at the age of fourteen. When I was 3 years old I drank too much Horlicks and my tongue started to get dots on it (not white spots) I guess its called swelling. When I was 3 years old after I drank the Horlicks I got black color on my knee and elbow. I sneezed when i ate wheat food. What blood purifier do you recommend using? I had nightmares starting from 3 years old.

In: Herbal Remedies, Posted 5 years ago

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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

There are a number of reasons which cause White Spots on face,Of which can be mild to severe conditions.However these spots require medical examination If lasting for long time.

We will recommend to use Haemafine Syrup, Its a Herbal remedy to treat all type of Skin Diseases through blood Purification.

Take one Tsf thrice a day of herbal syrup after meals.

Along with this we will also recommend to use Neem Capsules As a natural antibiotic,antifungal,astringent properties its helpful in curing various skin disorders.

Take one capsule twice a day after meals, use whole combination to get desired results. Further queries are always welcome.

Thank You SupportĀ 

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