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how can i stop sperm or night fall and how can i grouth up in my body i have loss my personality?

Doctor, my age is 25 years. I am doing masturbation since year 2000 that is from the age of 16. Earlier time from age 16 to 18 I was doing it for almost 5 days in a week. At that time my body was healthy. But after age of 18, I stopped masturbating suddenly for 1 and half year. But I got maximum lost of sperm, my body strength (mental and physical) during this time. I didn’t masturbate but I got problem of night fall and day fall. At any time my sperm came out and I was totally out of control. After that time I never could stop night fall and I started masturbation again. But doctor now at the age of 25 I have lost my pennis length to only 2 inches and whenever there is nightfall I have to go to bed for almost 15 to 16 hours. I am feeling nervousness. I can’t come out that. There is no any sensation in my internal organs like penis. I can’t control urinal and anal canal problems. Doctor I feel very bad. I feel ashamed of to out my self to the world. I can not thought innovative ideas, I can just copy, cut and paste ideas from other. I thought if it will continue for more years I will become old at age of 30. I have lost all the young energetic persons features. At the same time i have a headache, GIT  system problems, headache like migraine. Feel shame when some woman see me. Never sex with any female in my life and i have lost every thing. If you have a medicine which can give my strength back (strength like young person) then give me remedy i will be thankful to you. Give me remedy to all my problems. Give medicine so i can generate strength for sex of my age girls(24 years)should I consultant psychiatrist for this problem

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