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How can we stop the semen coming out with urine?

Hello i am 18 yrs old. I am masturbating since i was 12. Now i stopped it. Now my problem is that SEMEN COMES OUT WITH URINE , and it has a very STINKY and FOUL SMELL, my semen is TRANSPERANT and very THIN and WATERY. What should i do? Should i take antibiotics? Is there any herbal and safe remedy available?

In: Men's Health,Sexual Health, Posted 8 years ago

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7 Answers

Answer #1

Hello and greetings from

Some times semen or white fluid comes in urine. This is leaking of semen in urine is known as Spermatorrhoea and is a serious disease. It is also called dhaat and is an infection in prostate gland which can completely ruin the sexual health and physical health. This problem keeps on increasing with time if not treated in time. Even lab tests and antibiotics miss the problem. So we recommend you to Start with Kohinoor Gold which is a powerful herbal medicine for reproductive system problems. It will help to restore the physical and sexual power with elimination of dhaat / prostatitis. To fasten the effect of medicine and to clear both urinary and reproductive tract start with Shilajit which is the only medicine having multi system benefits. Both these medicines will improve the lost immunity of reproductive and urinary tract, boost the sexual power to induce good erection and increase copulation time. Premature ejaculation, loss of erection, low libido, night falls and low sperm count, these medicines will be beneficial for all these problems. So start with the regular course of these medicines for three months.

Increase water intake and never suppress the urge for urination. Fresh fruits, vegetables and milk are very good for you.

Thank you Support

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Answer #2

i have realised my sperms are not thick as it was

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Answer #3

Hello lloyd

You are advised Butea Superba Capsules one capsule twice a day alongwithShilajit Gold Capsulesone capsules twice a day.take both these capsules after meal along with milk for a regular period of two months.this will increase your sperm count ,quantity and thickness of sperm.

Thank you Support

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Answer #4

Goodday AyurvedicCure!
I’m 30 and now planning to walk down the aisle with my fiancĂ©e in no distant future. However, I have a serious reproductive health problem:my penis is too tiny and I masturbate almost 3 times on a daily basis. Now I’m afraid if,after my wedding,I shall be able to perform as a man, with this my tiny penis and after so many years of masturbation. Please,what do I do?
Also,does sulking a woman’s breast intermitently during sex have any side effect on both partners?

Answers Answered By: Chijioke Level Rating points
Answer #5

Hello Chiojioke

you are advise to take two capsules ofKohinoor Gold twice a day aftre meal ,if possible with milk to increase potency power of sperm,increases ejaculation time and count. To increse your size of penis apply Butea Superba Gel on your penis twice a day. take the regular course of these Both medicines for a period of three months.try to avoid the Masturbation during the course of the medicines.also sucking a women’s breast during sex has no side effect on either partner

Thank you Support

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Answer #6

What is the maximum copulation time for a normal sex?

Answers Answered By: Chijioke Level Rating points
Answer #7

Hello Chijioke

Copulation period varies form person to person according to his physical and mental strength.If you want to increase and enjoy your copulation period take one capsule of Butea Superba Capsules after meal twice a day and for local application on your penis Butea Superba Gel twice a day for a regular period of two months to enhance your erection and copulation time

Thank you Support

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