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How do i know if i am infertile?

Hi, I am 16 years old. i have probably masturbated since i was 10. does that cause any problems to your reproductive system? my first period was when i was 12 but it usually takes me about 4 months to a year for my next. when i do get it its usually a little bit also its kinda brown and gooey like and i am actually scared if that is dangerous or if it also means that i will never have babies. i think i have symptoms of poly cystic ovary syndrome as in excessive hair and infrequent periods but i am not overweight. what’s wrong with my body?

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Masturbation is very common in teenage but over masturbation at this age when body organs are under developmental stage certainly leaves some adverse effects. You have irregular periods and this could be due to weakness from over masturbation, PCOS, anemia or some other reason. But this can be checked and diagnosed by ultrasound and other tests. Irregular menstrual cycles may cause infertility but mostly problems are minor and easily curable. So we recommend you to visit your gynecologist for diagnosis and further treatment of your problem. Further queries are welcome.


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Answer #2

Irregular periods are quite normal for your age. You might be 20 before your periods become regular. And some women always have occasional irregular periods. I don’t think you have anything to worry about.
Brown and gooey like discharge is normal at this age. it doesn’t affect your fertility. but if you are worried you should meet a gynecologist.
Menstruation is controlled by hormones and masturbation does not control your hormones and cycles. so no masturbation can affect your cycle, menstruation or your orgasm. Extremes in masturbation or anything else can harm the body, but the masturbation is very unlikely to cause damage if you do not overdo it extremely.
Anyways if you are worried about PCOS . Its most common features are obesity, anovulation (resulting in irregular menstruation) or amenorrhea, acne, and excessive amounts or effects of androgenic ( masculinizing ) hormones. The symptoms and severity of the syndrome vary greatly among women. While the causes are unknown, insulin resistance, diabetes, and obesity are all strongly correlated with PCOS
a pelvic ultrasound is a major diagnostic tool, it is not the only one. The diagnosis is straightforward using the Rotterdam criteria, even when the syndrome is associated with a wide range of symptoms. Other diagnostic tools are Gynecologic ultrasonography , Laparoscopic examination, Serum (blood) levels of androgens.
For further advice you should meet a gynecologist.

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