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How does one who’s suffered from heat stroke several years ago teach their body to deal with the heat?

I’m am vata dosha and try to eat accordingly but have suffered from a heat stroke and cannot deal with heat or warmth. I have had dizziness and lately very much “lost” time. I get to hot and several hours later find myself either in a shower or lying across the bed with a fan blowing and 2-3 hours have passed & no idea how I got there. I’ve also lost the ability to speak coherently and have basically changed my entire life to deal with this. Do you think a panchakarma treatment would help? I’m only 55 and don’t want to live my life this way. I struggle with keeping weight on and can loose 20 lbs in just a couple days. I have to almost force feed myself cause I don’t really like food. I’ve been in restaurant business for 42 years and self employed in them for 25 so life is stressful. I’ve recently given up my profession except office part just so I can feel better which really isn’t helping. I live a spiritual lifestyle and have gone above and beyond to search for better health. Thank you in advance for your answer and mostly for taking the time to read it. I live in georgia on one of the barrier islands but will travel anywhere to get treatments. Maybe suggest a clinic or dr in my area that may help me. Again, thanks for your time and have a great day. Terry G

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Hello and Greetings from AYurvedic Cure

we recommend you to take Immuno plus capsules product contains exclusive ingredients Such as Ashwagandha that is general immuno-modulator, Giloy that is rich in Vit C which is basic part of our daily nutrition. Another exclusive ingredient is Agar-Agar that helps in balancing all Doshas of the body.

You say that you are Vata dominent personality but as per your symptoms it seems Pitta dominance. Because main and primary symptom of vata imbalance is Pain.
Pitta imbalance is symbolizes over heat generated in the body as you are currently feeling.

The basic combinations as per Ayurveda or types, are ether and air, which combine to be called vata dosha; fire and water, which combine to be called pitta dosha; and water and earth, which combine to be called kapha dosha.

But most of the people does not fit into the above mentioned thee basic types so here comes other way of categorization call dual-type.There are three dual types: vata-pitta, pitta-kapha and vata-kapha. There are three dual types: vata-pitta, pitta-kapha and vata-kapha.

Here we will discuss only you type that is Vatta-pitta which is characterized by running hot and cold. One moment person is too hold and other time is completely opposite.
diet recommended is fresh frits, vegetables, nutritious and good quality of oils. Food should be easy to digest.

Further queries are always welcome.

Thank you Support

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