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how i can stop masturbatation ? I am habitual of it .please reply. . . . .

how i can stop masturbat? I do it once or twice in a day & i feel tired . PLEASE . . . REPLY

In: Ear, Nose & Throat, Posted 6 years ago

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Answer #1

Simply by not doing it ….who else other than u can help stop it…ur hands and mind is involved in it ..first try to reduce to maximum of once in a day…come what may…..decide a time..wait for that time..if u dont’ get opputunity at that time ..better avoid it and score a bonus ..this will make ur masturbating enjoyful guiltfree and powerful also…this will alow ur dick some rest and energy … less do enjoyful….than u can reduce it to 3-4 days a week..which is desirable…u may decide that..unless i see a very very sexy girl with big boobs i will not masturbate…some execuse …but it works..try it..good luck

Answers Answered By: banerjee Level Rating7 points

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