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how to avoid the effects of over masturbation

i’m 17yrs old. i used to masturbate too much when i was about 13,14,15 yrs old. i am now suferring effects of over- masturbation like hairfall, body ache, weakness,bone loss,etc. altough i have stopped it since last 2 years, i get wet dreams and i lose semen which is worsening my situation. is there any drug which can stop wet dreams or replace the vital minerals or vitamins lost.recently i have started to lose calcium from my teeth too. they have become transparent at the borders. it’s definitely not due to acid erosion since i was not taking acidic food or drinks since last two years. even the dentist was suprised. he told me that the erosion was due to some defeciency. i’m sure the main cause of all my problems is that i am losing something vital the more i lose semen. my physician says it’s normal but in my case it’s definitely not normal as i have already lost too much semen at a young age. i think that the doctors are not yet aware of the effects of over masturbation. but it’s true. masturbation is safe but too much has devastating effects. it also caused my legs to bow at the age of 15.what makes me sure that losing semen is the main problem is. whenever i get a wet dream, the next day my bones start aching. then after few days the aching lessens. then after i get another wet dream the aching starts again.even my teeth start aching very badly after i lose semen. i got hairfall problem since last 2 yrs and now i am so depressed that i am thinking of commiting suicide as i think that there is no medicine invented yet to cure effects of overmasturbation. please help there anything that will replace what vital things i have lost through over masturbation? if yes is it expensive? i don’t have much money. please help, i feel hopeless. i just can’t concentrate on my studies. i’m failing in many subjects. i was a good student before. all my friends are surprised.

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Hello and greetings from

You are suffering from weakness and problems just due to continuous over masturbation with high frequency and for long time. Over masturbation for long time can be disastrous in some cases. At this age the reproductive organs are at their developmental stage and unnatural sexual habits can cause weakness easily. Long time over masturbation can result in lethargic and weak body, weak penis, dull sex life and in rare cases the infection may increase the problem of patient to nightfall and leaking semen in urine. Over masturbation habit can affect the mental, physical and emotional health of an individual. An individual with over masturbation habit develops physical and sexual weakness and sometime the condition deteriorates up to extent of impotency. Person feels depressed and lack of concentration decreases working efficiency of the patient. Over masturbation can cause many problems in general health and sexual health. So avoid masturbation to avoid further loss of energy and power. We recommend you to take a regular course of Kohinoor Gold and Shilajit for complete cure of al your problem by root. These are powerful ayurvedic medicines which are completely safe and have enormous positive effects on health. A regular course of these medicines will remove the side effects of over masturbation from body, cure UTIs or urogenital weaknesses, sexual problems and general weakness. Regular medication will cure nightfall and leaking of semen in urine. It strengthens the urinary stem and genitalia. The over all health and power of body starts improving. So Increase water intake and take good diet rich in fresh fruits, vegetables, milk etc. A regular course of almost three months will give you very good results.


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Answer #2

Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

To recover fast from the side effects of over masturbation just start with Kohinoor Gold and kapikachhu capsules Take one capsule twice a day after meal with milk. This will help in increasing the strength and stamina of the body. Also avoid masturbation.

Take products regularly for minimum period of three months to get desired results.

Thank you Support

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