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How to avoid the swelling in Foreskin of penis

I am 40 yr old male. I have been masturbating past 20 yrs and sex with my girlfriend past 8 yrs (unprotected). Now my foreskin ruptures on rubbing both during sex and masturbation. It swells and reddens. I need some Ayurvedic help to cure this problem.

In: Men's Health,Penis Health, Posted 8 years ago

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Hello and greetings from We appreciate your interest in Ayurveda.

The foreskin of penis swells during sex if there is some attachment of the skin with glans. Foreskin is attached in the childhood but it is detached from glans of penis of its own with time. But in some cases as in yours this foreskin remains attached to the glans of penis and creates some problems like pain, bleeding, swelling etc. This is called phimosis. Phimosis can sometimes create problems in urination and sexual intercourse. This attached foreskin can be easily retracted with hand. You don`t need any hospitalization or special medication for its treatment. Avoid sex till swelling subsides. Just apply oil and retract your foreskin of penis completely daily. It will be ok in some time and you won`t face any problem in copulation again. Even if problem persists plan for surgery. Its only cure is surgery which is minor and very successful. Further queries are always welcome.


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