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How to beat allergies naturally?

An allergy is also known as atopy and is caused by the action of various environmental substances known as allergens. It is the sensitivity of the body to a particular allergen that can cause mild to severe allergic reactions in a number of individuals. The most common allergy prone areas are nose, eyes, skin, chest, intestines and ears.

Various substances such as pollen, dust, cosmetics, animal hair, strong perfumes, serums, drugs, plants, cold, sunlight, foods and heat can result in allergic reactions. Allergies are often accompanied, by dizziness, sneezing, headache, itching, irritability, hay fever, nervousness, sinusitis, indigestion, angina, swelling of the face and eyes, migraine attack, constipation, high blood pressure, asthma and runny nose.

Most allergic reactions indicate low resistance and poor immune system functioning. Stress, changes in weather conditions, seasonal changes, variations in atmospheric pressure and exposure to environmental toxins can result in allergic reactions. Presence of chemical substances, additives and preservatives in food can also trigger allergies.

Natural treatment for allergic reactions:
If you are prone to getting allergic reactions, you must avoid the intake of processed, fermented or treated foods. Tea, chocolates, sodas, alcohol, refined cereals, salted and pickled foods as well as candy, aged cheese and nuts should be eliminated from your diet.

In order to combat an allergic reaction, it is essential for you to include vitamin C in your diet. This is a rich source of bioflavonoids that help strengthen cell permeability and boost the body’s immunity against allergic reactions.

Khadir or acacia catechu is a popular herbal remedy that has been in use since ancient times for treating skin allergies.  Khadir herbal dietary supplements are available in the form of capsules and can be taken on a daily basis for best results.

Intake of vitamin B5 or Pantotheinic acid helps prevent and treat allergies effectively. Various allergies are the outcome of the poor functioning of the adrenal gland that can be effectively treated by increasing your daily intake of Vitamin B5.

Castor oil is another effective natural remedy that can help treat allergies. Add 5 drops of castor oil to a glass of fresh juice and take it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

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