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How to control hair fall due to stress?

Hair fall usually occur for a number of reasons. Hormonal changes and stress can be a reason for hair loss so it is very difficult to pinpoint one single factor as the cause for hair loss.

Stress can worsen hair loss, involve yourself in de-stress activities to avoid hair loss. Massage your scalp with warm oil in circular motion and wrap with a hot towel before taking a shower for half an hour.

Hormonal changes, stress also can cause hair loss so it is difficult to pinpoint one single factor causing hair loss or it could be a combination of many factors.

Eat balanced healthy foods at regular intervals, exercise regularly and lead a healthy lifestyle, and your hair loss will subside. Change your diet to include vitamins, lean proteins, and the right supplements. Your food must include foods rich in calcium, vitamin A, C, iron, and zinc.

When you nourish your body, then the result will show in the health of your hair. Essential oils are also useful to help stop hair loss. Mixture of rosemary, cedar wood lavender and can be used directly on the scalp.

Select the exact essential oils at your local health food supply store. This makes this treatment very easy and inexpensive when matched to other treatments.

If you still have not found a treatment that works for you, then consider stress reducing techniques like yoga and mediation. Breathing exercise is also found to be very useful for controlling stress and tension.

As far as possible always try to use same brand of oil for washing your hair. This will also cure hair falling.

Zyx hair cream

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