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How to cure candidiasis?

Candidiasis is a common yeast infection that strikes the skin and mucous membranes. It is also the leading cause of vaginitis, a problem faced by a number of women resulting in extreme irritation and infection of the vagina. Candidiasis can also invade males and children in the age group of 3-9 years are highly susceptible to developing chronic yeast infection of the mouth also known as thrush.

Causes of candidiasis:
Candidiasis is caused when normal tissue bacteria decrease, paving way for the development of fertile breeding ground for yeast. This can be the outcome of pregnancy, excessive use of oral contraceptives, intake of certain antibiotics, having vaginal intercourse after anal sex without having cleaned the genitals, poor immune system, use of vaginal lubricants containing glycerin and intake of steroids.

Symptoms of candidiasis:
In women, candidiasis manifests itself as a burning and sore sensation accompanied by intense itching in the vagina. This is later accompanied by a grayish white discharge that resembles curd in appearance. In men, candidiasis can be identified by the appearance of red patchy sores near the head of the penis or on the foreskin causing a great deal of burning and itching. If candidiasis affects the mouth, it can be identified by a white tongue along with the appearance of white patches on the cheeks and throat. In infants, the infection can be recognized by the appearance of red lesions with well defined edges and pus filed sores around the diaper area.

Treatment for Candidiasis:
If you are looking to get rid of candidiasis you must eliminate all foods containing yeast and white sugar from the diet. Fermented, spicy, flavored, processed and preserved foods should also be avoided. Dry roasted nuts, bacon, pork and vinegar products should not be consumed. Intake of starchy vegetables and whole grains should be restricted. Eggs, turkey, chicken, lamb and seafood should be consumed in liberal quantities as also cabbage, broccoli, onions, raw garlic and turnip. Intake of curd is highly beneficial for dealing with this condition.

Natural remedies:
Tea tree oil
is a natural remedy that is highly beneficial for combating thrush. Add 5-6 drops of tea tree oil to a glass of water and use this solution to gargle for about a minute. Tea tree oil is also recommended for vaginal candidiasis. Take a few drops of this oil and apply to the vaginal area with sterilized gauze at an interval of every 4-6 hours. Barberine is a substance that is found in barberry, Oregon grape and goldenseal and is extremely effective against candidiasis. It tends to stimulate the immune system and helps cure the yeast infection effectively.

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