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How to cure diarrhea and vomitings naturally ?

I m an Anti-biotic user for 1 yr. System crashed with diarrhea and then vomiting.
In hospital I amĀ  having colonoscopy today.
How to kill growth of bacteria in digestive tract and rebuild friendly.

In: Diarrhea,Dysentery,General Health, Posted 9 years ago

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Hello and greetings from We appreciate your interest in herbal treatment.

Long term antibiotic use can destroy body`s natural Flora which help in digestion and it further increases the problem of diarrhea and vomiting. Ayurveda has safe , natural and complete cure for all digestive problems.

Kutaj and Trikatu are the best solutions for your GIT problems. Kutaj is an herb which kills harmful bacteria in GIT and also clears the intestinal worms. Trikatu is the herbal combination which increases digestive fire , acts as carminative and also helps to suppress the growth of micro organisms in GIT.

So have this medicine for minimum two months and take light home made food items. We wish you speedy recovery.


Answers Answered By: Dr.AyurvedicCure Level Rating12 points

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