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How to deal with fatigue naturally?

Fatigue is the exhaustion of a person’s energy that can result in extreme tiredness and weariness due to excessive physical or mental labor. It is quite natural to feel fatigued once in a while but if you are constantly feeling tired or lethargic and are unable to perform daily tasks with ease, you might be suffering from an underlying disorder. Various factors such as anemia, stress, prolonged hours of work, lack of sleep, depression, diabetes, hypothyroidism, anxiety and hormonal imbalances can result in fatigue.

Natural treatments for battling fatigue:

Coffee is known to rejuvenate a person both physically and mentally. Drinking around 2 cups of coffee per day or whenever you feel exhausted helps combat fatigue and keeps your body clock ticking.

Drinking a glass of skimmed milk every morning preferably at breakfast is one of the best ways by means of which you can keep fatigue at bay.  Skimmed milk supplies the body with adequate amounts of protein that is required for carrying out various functions.

It is essential for you to consume a balanced diet comprising of all the vital vitamins and minerals, proteins, fiber, carbohydrates and essential fatty acids. Eating a protein rich snack in between meals also helps replenish the depleting energy reserves of your body and helps keep fatigue at bay.

Energy and stress liquid supplements are a blend of natural nutrients and herbs that help revive the depleted energy reserves of the body and keep you active throughout the day. Taking this liquid supplement on a daily basis helps fight fatigue.

Cardamom is quite effective in combating physical tiredness and lethargy. You can add it to your regular tea and take it twice a day for best results.

Ginseng is a popular herb that is widely used as an energizer since ancient times. You can take 2 gm of powdered ginseng root on a daily basis as tea or herbal dietary supplement to revitalize your energy reserves.

Take 2 dates every morning with a glass of warm milk in order to fight fatigue and keep you active.

Eggs abound in a variety of nutrients including protein, Vitamin A, iron, riboflavin, vitamin B12 and choline. Eating 2 eggs for breakfast can effectively combat fatigue and keep you energized throughout the day.

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