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How to get fast relief from back pain?

Regular exercise is good for strengthening back muscle.  Simple stretching exercises are also beneficial. Place cut slices of raw potato on the affected area.

Fry garlic in mustard oil and take the extract after cooling. Massaging the body with the extract is very useful for getting relief from pain.

Apply a cold or hot compress using a hot water bottle or an ice pack. A hot bath is also found to be good.

If you are an overweight person, shed your overweight. Obesity is a reason for many bad back. It is therefore very important to cut down on fats and limit your intake of alcohol, caffeine and tobacco. Follow regular exercises to reduce overweight.

Intake of more fruits and vegetables, in particular cabbage, cauliflower, and lettuce are essential.  Include a diet that give you all the necessary minerals and vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin C, and vitamin D. Dairy products, fruits and vegetables must provide you with the required amount of these substances.

Including more proteins and complex carbohydrates in your diet is good for back pain. The proteins are essential in order to build up your back muscles and the carbohydrates provide the essential source of energy that your muscles need when you exercise.

Arthcare massage oil

Arthcare oil penetrates well into the skin faster than any other ointment and possesses strong anti-inflammatory and analgesic action. It is good for general joint pain and back pain. Within a short duration it helps to remove the terrible persistent misery due to any of these common problems.

Yoga can be highly useful for the treatment of back pain. Different kinds of stretching exercises rejuvenate the muscles of the body and facilitate great support to the spine and the back. Yoga lightens the muscles of the chronic pain and renders greater flexibility to the body. Various bending exercises provide appropriate stretch to the muscles of the back and work as the best alternative yoga therapy for back pain. Yoga tones up the spine and increases mobility. Yoga can also helpful for people with slip disk and relieves the body of any acute pain.

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