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How to get glowing skin in one month?

Glowing skin is an indicator of good health and vitality. It is very difficult to maintain a glowing complexion nowadays because of air pollution, stressful lifestyles, lack of exercise and intake of processed or fast foods.

Whether it is your best friend’s wedding or your parents’ 25th wedding anniversary, you would always want to flaunt a smooth and flawless complexion wherever you go. Listed here are some of the best home remedies for getting a glowing complexion in just one month! You can now say goodbye to all those expensive beauty creams and instant glow face packs and fish in your kitchen cabinet for some garden greens and natural ingredients that will surely help you get a healthy glow in 30 days.

Instant glow for any occasion:
Take 2tbsp oats, 2tbsp yogurt, 1tsp honey and powdered almonds. Mix them together to make a fine paste and apply it on your face for 10 minutes. Rinse with warm water to get an instant sheen.

Drinking the juice of watermelon, apple, carrot and lemon helps fight the free radicals that damage the skin and enable you to get a blemish –free and glowing complexion in a month’s time.

Haemafine syrup is a herbal remedy that helps get glowing skin from within. It’s powerful blood purification system helps protect the skin from all skin ailments and improves complexion. This herbal syrup is recommended for all skin types.

Add 1 tsp dried curry leaves to fuller’s earth and make a fine paste. Apply it to the face and leave it on until it completely dries.  Wash with normal water. This helps deep cleanse the skin and removes all the traces of pollution and dirt. Using this treatment regularly helps the skin get rid of any blemishes and keeps you glowing and dirt free.

Bhringraja or Eclipta Alba also known as Thistles is a popular herb recommended for getting a fair and glowing complexion. It is available in the form of herbal capsules that can be taken on a daily basis to help get a smooth complexion.

Make a paste comprising of milk, egg yolk and pumpkin. Apply this on your face for half an hour and rinse with normal water. Using this regularly helps nourish the skin and gives it a natural glow.

Coconut is used in a number of spa treatments and scrubs as a skin nourishing agent. According to ancient Egyptian texts, the famous Queen Cleopatra also used coconut oil as a skin toner or applied it to the skin mixed with lemon juice or camphor. Using a combination of coconut and sea salt helps impart a natural glow to the skin with regular use.

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Answer #1

Your remedies sounds quite good. All the ingridents which you have used are quite good and with effective results, but do you have any solution for my problems?

Answers Answered By: Mithu Level Rating points
Answer #2

This haemafine syrup remedy seems good for a herbal remedy. I’m just wondering, what is it made of and are there any bad side effects? Thanks!

Answers Answered By: How to Get Glowing Skin Level Rating points
Answer #3

Hello and greetings from

Haemafine Syrup is a herbal blood purifier. This medicine is completely safe and has marvelous results in the treatment of skin problems and infections. You can get more information on this product at


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Answer #4

Jizz jizz and more jizz!
My boyfriend came on my face every night for a couple of weeks and my skin is now glowing like the sun!

Answers Answered By: Poonham Level Rating points
Answer #5

where can i get dried curry leaves?

Answers Answered By: AJ Level Rating points
Answer #6

I agree, jizz is really good for my complextion. I like getting a big load all over my face then rub it in and let it dry to the point it gets crusty. Then I wash with warm water to open up my pores.

Answers Answered By: jizzlergurl Level Rating points

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