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How to get rid of Cataract

Cataract is a quite common eye disease. A cataract relates to an area of the lens of a individual’s eye that has become whitish and opaque rather remaining clear. The result is that the individual cannot see clearly. The crystalline lens becomes opaque, hence, seriously hampering the entrance of light rays into the eye. Blindness results when no light rays can penetrate the opacity of the lens.

The foremost sign of cataract is blurred vision. The patient cannot focus on things. As the disease progresses it becomes double vision or spots or both. In the last stage the pupil becomes grayish-white in color.

The use of pure honey is another useful remedy for cataract. A few drops of honey should be put in the eyes. This is an ancient Egyptian remedy which has proved beneficial for many patients.

Almonds are good in cataract. Seven kernels should be ground well with half a gram of pepper in half a cup of water, and drunk after sweetening the mixture with one table spoon honey. It improves their vigour.

Aniseed is a useful remedy for cataract. Take equal quantity of aniseed with coriander powder and one teaspoon of brown sugar. Take the mixture in doses of 12 gm daily in the morning and evening.

Triphala dietary supplements

Triphala detoxifies the whole body and improves digestion and assimilation. Triphala is very much effective in irritable bowel syndrome and ulcerative colitis. Detoxify every system in your body. It regulates and vitalizes your metabolism. Triphala is also good for conjunctivitis, progressive myopia, in the early stages of glaucoma and cataracts.

Garlic is another effective remedy for cataract. Chew two to three raw cloves daily. Garlic is good to clean the crystalline lens of the eye.

Green leaves are quite beneficial for eyes. Fresh green leaves contain a lot of Vitamin A. The flowers of pumpkin are also valuable in cataract. Extract the juice of these flowers and apply it externally on the eyelids twice daily. It clears clouding of the crystalline lens of the eye.

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