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How to get rid of mouth blisters?

Root Cause

Mouth blisters or sores are also called as oral ulcers and there is no particular remedy to get rid of them, they usually heal on their own. Whatever remedy is available is made for reducing the pain, avoid more irritation, discomfort and to stop the ulcer from getting worse.

How to take care?

It is really necessary to maintain the stringent hygiene of mouth to stop the bacteria to increase and to accelerate the speed of healing. The solution to do this is to wash the mouth with an anti-bacterial mouth wash at least twice in the day. This anti bacterial mouth wash is easily accessible in the medical stores around you and if not, you can even prepare your own at home. This can be done by mixing some of the stuff like aloe gel, lemon juice, aniseed, rosemary, clove oil and salt water. You can select the ingredients on your own and can prepare the solution according to your requirement and with the taste you like. And for the anti bacterial effect, you have to use one from these ingredients: Tree tea oil or myrrh or alcohol (favor the vodka if possible)

Beside this, things you need to do are to avoid spicy food or any such food which can irritate the ulcer or the oral lining. Smoke and Tobacco can also irritate the ulcer and therefore you should avoid smoking or even going around the people who are smoking (stop even passive smoking).

How to cure?

There are different root cause of the oral ulcers and more important than the treatment is to assess the cause of the ulcer and address it, especially when you suffer from the ulcers regularly. The common and generally harmless cause of ulcers is injury, accidentally biting the skin under the mouth, due to chipping or having a sharp tooth, because of piercing of lining by sharp and rough food or even because of dentures or having braces. In case of broken tooth or braces or dentures, issue needs to be addressed and one needs to take care to avoid the injuries repeatedly. But, in other cases ulcer is quite rare and occurs occasionally and no real action is required.

Beside this, different varieties of bacterial, viral and fungal infections can create the ulcers. They also can be the result of some kind of allergic reaction where body’s immunity system replies aggressively to certain harmless substances. On the other hand, weak immunity system also can create the chronic ulcers, as body is unable to respond to relatively harmless infections. So, if you feel that you have chronic ulcer, you should consult the doctor and should discuss with him/her.

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I’ve had mine for about a week now and it hasn’t gotten better

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