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How to improve penis shape and power

I have been abusing my self with drugs(marijuana) and alcohol from 17, now i m 23, masturbate at least 5 times a day,i had a very healthy lifestyle and 6 inch penis but now i don`t have a stiff erection, and have to masturbate long to ejaculate and masturbating for long time i have lost the shape of the penis. I have given up drugs but drink occasionally. How can i recover back to normal and also get the shape back. Does circumcision help in enlargement because i feel it does not erect to fuller size? Preferably an exercise for stiff erection and potency. Please help. It is very depressing to be thinking about it. Thank you…

In: Men's Health,Penis Health, Posted 8 years ago

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Over masturbation alone can destroy the sexual power of an individual. Drugs, alcohol and tobacco etc are also very harmful for sexual power. You have taken drugs and masturbated heavily for long periods and now this has caused weakness in your penis and sex. So first of all avoid taking any drug and do not masturbate. Take four to five liters of water daily. Increase fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. Take Kohinoor Gold, Shilajit and apply Butea Superba Gel on the shaft of penis . These are herbal medicine having very good results in the treatment for erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, seminal weakness and strengthen penis. These medicines will he;lp in clearing the toxins from body and rejuvenate your power. These helps in getting rock hard erections every time and also help in early preparation of male sex organ and maintenance of erection for long time. These are beneficial for low libido and are complete aphrodisiac medicines. These medicines eradicate the side effects of over masturbation and clears infection and weakness of urogenital system. Butea gel will strengthen penis, help in removing foreskin of penis and increase penis size. There is no need of any circumcision. Just apply gel with mild force for almost ten minutes of massage. This will strengthen, reshape and enlarge your penis. A regular course of all these medicines will establish confidence in males and increases sexual power. So we recommend a regular two to three months course of these medicines for satisfactory results.


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