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How to increase the sperms and semen

When I ejaculate, I am not sure whether I have enough sperm for baby, I dont know whther these are enough, do you have any tips ?

In: Men's Health,Sexual Health, Posted 8 years ago

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Semen is the purest extract of all the foods and diet we take. So it is also an indicator of health and power. There is no need of any medicine to increase semen or sperm count in a healthy individual. It is produced and stored of its own by our body. Taking regular healthy diet completes the loss of semen during sex, nightfall or masturbation etc. One can take milk and milk products like cheese, curd, ghee or fat, fruits, vegetables, dry fruits and nutritious diet to keep the body`s sperm bank full. Sperm count falls in case of infection, hormonal deficiency etc which in turn are caused by over masturbation, nightfall, excessive use of steroids and other such reasons. This is a major cause of infertility in males. This deficiency of sperm count can only be completed after successful treatment of the causative agent like eradicating infection. So if somebody has low sperm count due to above reasons then he needs treatment to complete his sperm count. Mucuna pruriens and Tribulus Terrestris are the best herbal treatment for low sperm count and other problems related to semen. These are natural substitutes for male hormones and stimulate the testis to form healthy active sperms with full motility. These medicines complete the sperm count by over powering the infection and weakness of urogenital system. These are good aphrodisiac and general health tonics.Further queries are welcome.


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