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How to prevent dermatitis?

Dermatitis means any inflammation of the skin. There are different types of dermatitis.  These different types usually have in common an allergic result to specific allergic. Inflammation and redness of the skin is the foremost symptoms of dermatitis. They are skin lesions also known as erythema.

Dermatitis is rashes which are seen as a result of direct exposure to detergents, harsh chemicals and cosmetics.

Treatment for prevention dermatitis
The best way to prevent dermatitis is to identify the main allergen which is responsible for the rash or inflammation. The foremost method to heal dermatitis is topical application of aloe era gel, it quite effective.  A thick paste of baking powder is applied to the affected area for effective treatment. The bark of witch hazel is also used as an antioxidant.

Supplements of cod liver oil or vitamin E prove really beneficial in healing rash. Apply olive oil on the skin rash area and let it dry for a hour. A decoction of chamomile tea can be used as a wash to clean up the affected area.

Regularly wash the rash area with soap and warm water. Rubbing with alcohol the rash area is also beneficial. Chamomile essential oil is also helps in reducing rash. Calendula essential oil is beneficial in elimination of microbes. It also helps in setting off white blood cell synthesis.

Neem dietary supplement
The using of Neem dietary supplement is beneficial for rash. Neem is very highly recommended for the beneficial effect it has upon the skin. Due to neems antibacterial properties it is more effective in combating most epidermal dysfunction such as acne, eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.

The paste of fresh leaves of jewel weed is effective in healing rashes. The Flowers of wild pansy is more helpful in soothing acne problems and skin rashes. Applying Baby oil in the rash area is also equally relaxing and effective.

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