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How to reduce/heal grade 2 Internal Hemorrhoids

I got a hemorrhoid about a month ago, after a leg work out. Specifically the day after I did tire flipping for about 30 mins. I went to the Dr about 3 days later and he said it was a grade 2 internal hemorrhoid. As long as it’s not bleeding or hurting he said i should be fine.  It only flares up when I have a bowel movement, and varies in size, but retracts quicly as soon as I’m off the toilet. It doesn’t hurt, no itching and for about 2 weeks it was sometimes uncomfortable when i sat down after a bowl movement. 
I work out and drink alot of water, along with using flushable wipes when i go potty. I am deployed right now, so the regular use of prep H isn’t always there but I tend to use it 3 times a week. I just got some metamucil in( they don’t have any here).  I am kind of worried about taking it though I don’t want to be going crazy on the bathroom breaks. 
I just want to know how long will it take to heal or stay full retracted? or will i need to see the dr about taking care of that? if so, how would he take care of it when it only flares when I use the bathroom, that would seem awkward. 
im 31. 197 pounds 5’10…losing weight with the working out thought 🙂

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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

There is nothing to worry in case of second degree haemorrhoids. juts avoid constipation and use triphala capsules Take two capsules twice at night after meal. Avoid heavy spicy meals. Sorry we do not ave any products for piles. There are various grades of piles. First Grade Hemorrhoids; these may be internal or external. The first grade of hemorrhoids is often accompanied with bleeding. Second Grade Hemorrhoids may draw back in into the anal canal. In this grade, bleeding may not necessarily be present as in your case no complaint of bleeding is there. Third Grade Hemorrhoids protrude from the anus opening but can be easily pushed back in.
Fourth Grade Hemorrhoids protrude from the anal canal but cannot be pushed back in manually.

Just take care at the initial stage otherwise only surgery is the option.

Thank you Support

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