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How to stop diarrhea naturally?

Diarrhea is the passage of loose or watery stools. It can be chronic or acute and is caused due to non-absorption of water or secretion of water in excess by the body organs. Various factors resulting in diarrhea include overeating, putrefaction in the intestinal tract, fermentation caused by incomplete carbohydrate digestion, nervousness, intake of certain drugs and excessive intake of laxatives. Food contaminated by parasites, germs, virus, bacteria or toxic substances can also cause diarrhea. Eating stale food or food that is not properly cooked is also a precipitating factor for diarrhea. Allergies to foods such as eggs, milk, wheat, sea food and stress can also cause diarrhea. Recurring diarrhea results is weakness, loss of vitamins and other nutrients from the body and dehydration.

Natural cure for diarrhea:

If you are looking to combat diarrhea effectively, you must fast for at least two days in order to provide rest to the gastro-intestinal tract. Drink loads of warm water and fresh fruit juices in order to help flush out the harmful toxins from the system and supply the body with vitamins and other valuable nutrients.

Carrot soup is one of the best natural cures for diarrhea. It treats dehydration, replenishes sodium, calcium, phosphorus, sulphur and magnesium and treats intestinal inflammation.

Kutaj or Holarrhena antidysentrica is one of the best natural remedies for treating diarrhea. You can take Kutaj herbal dietary supplements in the form of vegetable capsules to treat this condition.

Eating pomegranates also helps combat diarrhea. The astringent properties of this fruit have a soothing effect on the intestinal tract and help bind the stools.

Ginger is one of the most commonly used herbs for treating a host of digestive disorders, including diarrhea. Take a small piece of dry ginger root along with a crystal of rock salt. The carminative properties of ginger enhance digestion and help treat diarrhea effectively.

Turmeric is a valuable herb that is used as an antiseptic and gastric stimulant. Take ½ tsp powdered turmeric and add it to a glass of buttermilk. Drink this for quick relief from diarrhea.

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