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How to stop my son from stratching his hand and legs and also black patches on hand and legs which is due to eczema

Hello Sir, I am mother of 19 months old son.My son is having Eczema since then he was 3 months old.When he was 8 month his skin started turning in black color and started straching,When we visisted Allergist,After a bloood test ,They told us that he is allergic to foods like-eggs,milk,rice peanuts tomatos,wheat ,ots,lenthils ,fish.So after the test i stopped him giving all the above listed food.But he is still stracting and and blackness on his hands and legs are still there.I am very much worried sir .Please help me sir,Help my son to become free from eczema..

In: Eczema, Posted 6 years ago

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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

Sorry we do not provide products for Infants. But you can try with certain home remedies to help in baby eczema. First of all avoid drying of the skin or in other sense use a good baby moisturizer to hydrate the skin. Use moisturizer before and after bath. DO not use soaps or harsh cleansers for baby. Another helpful herb is aloevera. You can either use the pulp present in aloevera to apply on the skin or can use aloe vera lotion for skin application. There are various other skin lotions for eczema in babies are available you can try them. Find out if they contain Zinc in it. Also Oils rich in Vit E are also helpful.

Thank you Support

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