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How to treat Bile reflux naturally?

Bile reflux is the upward flow of the bile from the small intestine to the stomach and esophagus. Various factors such as pregnancy, peptic ulcer, obesity, removal of the gall bladder, lifting heavy weights as well as excessive bending can result in this disorder. Bile reflux is characterized by heartburn, pain in the upper abdomen, nausea, bile vomits, hoarseness and cough.

Natural treatment for bile reflux:

If you happen to be suffering from bile reflux, you must take smaller and more frequent meals instead of taking a huge serving in one go. This decreases the pressure on the lower esophageal sphincter and prevents bile reflux.

You must wait for at least three hours before going to bed after taking your meal as this stimulates metabolism and prevents indigestion.

Stress delays the process of digestion and causes bile reflux and other digestive problems. It is therefore, essential for you to engage in deep breathing exercises, relaxation and meditation techniques in order to combat stress. This will fasten the process of digestion and promote the overall wellbeing of the mind and body.

Melissa officinalis is a popular herb that is known to have a calming effect on the body and combats stress effectively. It helps treat cramping, improves digestion and prevents gastritis.

Triphala is a wonderful herb that can be used to treat bile reflux naturally. It aids in digestion and cleanses and tones the gastrointestinal tract and corrects constipation. Triphala dietary supplements are available in the form of herbal capsules and can be taken on a daily basis to treat digestive problems.

Strawberry is a mild laxative, supports digestion and strengthens the liver. You can use the whole fruit or leaves of strawberry to treat bile reflux. Eating raw strawberries promotes digestion and increases metabolism. You can also add the leaves of the plant to boiling water and simmer for 10 minutes. Drink this infusion once it cools down to promote digestion.

Fatty foods slower the pace of digestion and unable you to empty your stomach fast. It is therefore, advisable for you to take low fat foods in order to combat bile reflux. Foods such as caffeine, onions and spicy foods trigger bile reflux and must be eliminated from your diet.

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Answer #1

I may have bile reflux and all websites recommend to take supplements to increase bile output.

But in my experience it make more reflux and pain.

I do not have acid reflux according to test

Please, advice how to help with problem.

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Answer #2

Hello User

If medicines are increasing your reflux and acidity problem then practice dhooti Karma.It is Special process in which a piece of cloth which should be clean and soft is ingested empty stomach with some warm water. Later it is slowly pulled out by mouth. This process should be practiced under supervision of some expert yoga trainer and is very useful for reflux, hyper acidity and ulcers sort of problems. It clears all waste and acids from oral cavity to stomach without any medicine. We welcome your queries.


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