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How to treat stomatitis?

Stomatitis is the inflammation of the lining of the mucus membrane in the mouth. It is a painful condition that usually results from infection and may involve the cheeks, lips, tongue, throat, gums and roof or floor of the mouth. Stomatitis may even result in the formation of ulcers in the gums and mouth, particularly between the teeth. Stomatitis can affect both adults and children and is caused by maintaining poor oral hygiene, ill fitted dentures, nutritional deficiencies, indigestion and organic diseases such as leukemia. Infection caused by candida albicans or thrush and Vincent’s angina can also cause stomatitis.

Symptoms of stomatitis:
If you happen to be suffering from stomatitis, you might find it very difficult to take your meals due to pain and may even go without food at times. Liquid food or semi solid soft foods can be taken as they cause less pain. You might even experience difficulty in talking and may find that your tongue is coated and your mouth may have turned bright red accompanied by excessive salivation. Other symptoms of stomatitis include slight fever, constipation, foul breath, vomiting after meals and loss of appetite.

Treatment of stomatitis:
The primary cause of stomatitis is increased levels of toxicity in the body. Therefore, it is essential for you to take adequate measures to decrease the overall toxicity of the body and enhance digestion. Fresh juicy fruits such as grapes, pears, pineapples, peaches, apples and papayas are highly beneficial. Meats, tea, coffee, white flour, white sugar, pickles, condiments, sodas and processed foods should be avoided.

Natural remedies: Lemon is highly beneficial for treating stomatitis. Take 1 tbsp lemon juice everyday before meals to enhance digestion and help treat this condition effectively. You can also add 1 tbsp of lemon juice to a glass of warm water and use it as gargle several times during the day to treat stomatitis. Another effective natural cure is the use of salt water and baking soda along with water to gargle several times during the day. This should be done at regular interval of every 2-3 hours to keep the mouth as clean as possible.

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Answer #1

having stomatitis is a big burden to me coz i can’t eat fud wel nor talk with my frends and by the way i’m suffering stomatitis for almost a week grabe prang pasan q ung mundo.

Answers Answered By: camille Level Rating points
Answer #2

Hello camille

Stomatitis is very irritating and can be cured by simple measures at home. Avoid salty and spicy meals for some days. Do not take hot meals or drinks. Take sweet and cold food items. Only home made light meals should be Taken. Take Licorice regularly to get well soon or just keep Licorice in mouth and let it dissolve slowly which heals stomatitis very quickly. Increase water intake. You will be fine with these home remedies with in a week.


Answers Answered By: Dr.AyurvedicCure Level Rating12 points
Answer #3

I agree, it is very important to increase water intake and stop eating too much, in fact, this simple tip helped me to get rid of stomatitis.

Answers Answered By: Stomatitis Level Rating points
Answer #4

Hi my son is 2 years old and he starsted 3 days ago complaining from his mouth. Dr said it’s stomatitis and descriped a mouth gel and Loprax. There is also a swilling in his glands near ears. He is not eating and he does not drink much.

Answers Answered By: Fayadh Ahmed Level Rating points
Answer #5

Hello ahmed

Pls take your son to doctor for complete checkup, diagnosis and treatment.


Answers Answered By: MATT OLIVE Level Rating12 points
Answer #6

Suffereing from stomatitis right now. It really is painful. Grabeh! Parang every minute na akong nag to-toothbrush para lang di sumakit.

Answers Answered By: Carrie Level Rating points
Answer #7

Hello carrie

Just avoid hot and spicy meals. Take four liters of water daily for faster improvement..


Answers Answered By: MATT OLIVE Level Rating12 points

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