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i am 30m years married i have hypo thyroid will hypothyroidism affect normal sexual life

i am 30m years married i have hypo thyroid i am having some problem in sexual contact ie penis is soon become smaller then sperm also coming after long time that too very low i am in doubt that  i have some other problem also what check up i need to do to come out of this or what medicine i have to take for curing both sexual problem and hypo thyroid problem

In: Sexual Health, Posted 6 years ago

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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

Hypothyroidism is the problem when thyroid gland secretes less of Thyroid Hormone that maintains the metabolic rate of the body. So in this case metabolic rate is reduced and hence body gains weight, laziness, fatigue, joint pain constipation etc. There may be lowering of sexual activity.

One should take Thyroid medicine on regular basis and is best when taken empty stomach atl east 1hr before meal. if one is already on medication let you doctor know before changing medicine.

We recommend to use ashwagandha capsules as Ashwagandha is a widely used herb in Indian system of medicine and is very helpful in thyroid disorders. the antioxidant property helps in strengthening the immune system.

Regular use of this product helps in relieving the person from laziness and regenerates energy in body. It helps in increasing metabolic rate and reduces puffiness from body.

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