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I am 39 year Suffering form Hyper acidity/ Super acidity and Acute Gastritis and since 20years. Went with all Forms of medicines and tests but no relief.

Problems: – When my acidity level is on higher side on that day i feel restless, drownisness &fatigue. I get blur and twinkle around my eyes and cannot see clearly (I can see only half portion of the Image). But after i do vomiting 2 or 3 times, and after 2 hours slowly the twinkling and blur comes down and i am able to view the images clearly. But after that my Head becomes heavier and even i cannot make my head down. And get more weakness. This problem happens to me every month.
Even i do not get proper sleep; my stomach has a pain and burning sensation. I get a deep pain if I press the intestines on right side of stomach. I do not get proper sllep at night and regularly having constipation

Kindly suggest

In: Acid Reflux, Posted 6 years ago

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