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I am at a risk of beiiing a Diabetic Patient and I want to knoe if Kohinoor and Shalijit anti Diabetic medicines.


I am at the risk of being a Diabetic Patient I want to know if  Kohinoor and Shalijit anti Diabetic medicines.  Please advice me what foods to avoid while having these medicines. Whenever I wake up my heart beats faster and when I blow my nose there is some blood. Please advice me accordingly. I am 27 years old.


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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

Our products are herbal and safe without any side effects. These are not anti-diabetic but can be taken along with anti-diabetic products.

Just avoid food that can raise your blood sugar levels. Excess of fats, carbohydrates and fried foods, alcohol are to be avoided.

Thank you Support

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