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I am doing masterbation when i was in 6th class (twice or sometime 3 in one session) . This Practice gradullaly down and in these days i did 3 times in a week. I am bachelor and now my age is 34 years. I never goes to prostitute in my whole life. Now a days i facing problems of premature Ejeculation (Without rubing and touching my penis) just see girl of boobs and her back. I really worry about this problem and i am not share to others. I hope u will guide me in right way and rebuild my Sexual Energy.

I feel every time pain in my all body especially my lower part ( Back of waist, Knees, thia Ankle heel) and thi My penis thin and also small almost 4.5 inches. How i make it longer and gain circumtance. Pls. give me quick responce. Thanks.

In: Sexual Problems, Posted 6 years ago

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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

The combination will be of massaging the gel on penis and consuming herbal capsules. This herbal therapy will help in penis enlargement and regaining the lost sexual energy. Also you need to learn to preserve sperm and not ejaculating during course or too frequently.

Use Butea superba Gel for local application on penis two times a day. This will penetrate deep in the penile tissues and will have vasodilation effect thus improving blood supply to penis. This will help in improving the erection and enlargement as well.

To enhance the effect of the gel we recommend to use Butea superba Capsules Take two capsules twice a day.
This combination should be taken for minimum period of three months for desired results.

Thank you Support

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