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i am having dhaat since many days and now i am having sex with a girl

i am having dhaat problem from 2 or 3 years and i am 18 years old now i am havinh sex with a girl from a one i stop having sex but last night i am having wet dreams because of which i was having back pain..and now my penis also become thin and having visible vains and also suffering from erectile dysfunction..then i stop doing sex but dhaat is coming out continously after urinating..and after a week a day i feel good erection but the other day the wet dream happen and my penis become smaal and erectile dysfunction occurs.please help

In: Sexual Problems, Posted 6 years ago

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3 Answers

Answer #1

Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

Dhaat is an infection in prostate gland which can completely ruin the sexual health and physical health. This problem keeps on increasing with time if not treated in time. It is also called as Spermatorrhoea where the is oozing of sperm causing health loss.

One must avoid sex or masturbation during this kind of problem because already there is unusual loss of sperm and sex will only worsen the condition. The recommended products are Shwet Musli and Gokshura capsules Take one capsule each twice a day. As this will support the urogenital system in such condition. Also we recommend the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Further queries are always welcome.

Thank you Support

Answers Answered By: Anrick Level Rating422 points
Answer #2

but sir can u plz tell me that.. can this medicines cure my problem permanently and upto how much time i have to take these medicines..

Answers Answered By: samyseven12 Level Rating2 points
Answer #3

Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

We normally recommend the three months course of our products.

Use them regularly for desired results.

Thank you Support

Answers Answered By: Alice Level Rating1717 points

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