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I am sixteen years old.I want to make my body fit.How can i increase my height and make my body fit

I am a bangladeshi.I am sixteen years old.I wants to increase my body heightness and make my body always fit.My present height is 5 feets and 3 inchies.I wants to increase my heihtness emargency.So how can i increase my heightness and make my body fit and perfect?

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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

Height is not a parameter to look fit. Your body should be in good shape with good metabolic rate. For this healthy balanced diet along with Ashwagandha capsules is recommended

Eat low protein diet, fresh fruits and juices.

Sorry we do not have products related to height increase. Height of a person is genetic. Like person born in the family with tall family is more likely to have good height. Physical health does not depend on height as told earlier it can be gained with above suggestion.

Thank you Support

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