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I am suffering from constant runny nose from 3 years,turned weak,lines and ridges on nails

I am 22year old guy sffering from regular runny nose from 3 years now,I was told by an M.B.B.S I have allergy problem and prescribed me an Anti histamine tablet named Levocet its gives relief but its causing many reactions like weakness,sleepy all day,etc.

So I visited an ayurvedic doctor in my area,he asked me if I had nighfall and my reply was no.He also told me to stop masturbating,I do it 3-4 times a week,he was an old ayurvedic doctor and so I am confused will 

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A stuffy or running nose usually occurs as a result of common cold, influenza, an allergic reaction or chronic allergies like hay fever (reaction to pollen and airborne substances). A blocked nose might also be a sign of sinus infection.

As the body develops a cold or an allergy, the membranes present in the nose are aggravated and they swell up, leading to overproduction of mucus and difficulty in breathing.  It’s usually very distressing and severe congestion may even cause uncontrollable nasal discharge, loss of appetite or taste for food, pain in other parts of the body, headaches, irregular sleep and blocked ears.

Avoid contact with substances or practices that may be causing it. If the congestion is because of an allergic reaction, try to pinpoint the objects in your immediate environment which might be causing it. If it’s hay fever, stay out of gardens, parks and areas with a high incidence of pollen grains. If you have a running nose in winter, keep your feet and head warm at all times. Drink a lot of fluids regularly. Soups have been found to be beneficial for a congested nose – and hot, clear soups also give the necessary protein to fight cold. 

Vitamin C is known for its ability to fight cold and are very beneficial (though you can also have a lot of citrus fruits). You can take herbal preparation Tulsi capsules that help to boost the body’s immunity against cold and are beneficial for the nose, throat and chest. Basil leaves or herb supplements can be boiled in water and inhaled regularly.

There are lots of myths in our society about masturbation and till we realize this fact we are already a victim of over masturbation. Over masturbation does affect a man. In some cases it is very disastrous. It brings weakness, hair loss, and curvature of the penis, backache, pain in groin and testicular region and lots of other undesirable ill effects like loss of sperms and energy by masturbation results in general body malaise, pain in joints, low back ache and sleepy nature etc. Semen is purest extract of all the nutrients we have in our body and losing it too much may draw all the vital energy. Over masturbation is also described as one of the causes for premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and many other sex problems. So it is better to avoid masturbation for happy married life and healthy body.


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