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i am taking herbal remedies for 1 month…. i want to take suggestion is this good or not.. pl z suggest me…………

sir i am taking herbal remedies name siotone with this composition ashvagandha 550mg,asparagus 400mg, mucana pruriens 100 mg,safed musli 150mg, purified shilajit 250mg and preservative methyl paraben sodium i.p 0.1% ,propyle paraben sodium i.p 0.05% sir i want to ask is this right remedies for my problem? because i am feeling much better than before after taking this remedies but i am not satisfied to this i want to buy asparagus capsules and Kohinoor goldĀ  capsules which is prescribed by you but how. can i buy it in jharkhand (ranchi), is this possible if yes then pl z tell me. how can i buy these capsules…

In: Sexual Problems, Posted 5 years ago

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Answers Answered By: Alice Level Rating1717 points

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