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i cant last longer during having sex with partner

hi doc i am 29 years old single i have been mastrubating since i was 16 now i am having problem of pre mature ejaculation i am getting married soon i am very worried could you please help me to get rid of it

In: Premature Ejaculation, Posted 7 years ago

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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

People with history of over masturbation often feels erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, libido etc.
First step to overcome such problems is to avoid masturbation. Diet is very crucial so we recommend a low protein diet, fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid all the stuff that can create an urge to masturbate.

Also take Kohinoor Gold and Shilajit capsules Take one capsule twice a day after meal with Milk.

Apply Orgy penis massage oil on penis regularly two times a day. This will have vasodilation effect that can increase the blood supply to penis and can help in improving the erection.

Thank you Support

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