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I dont know what goin on

Im 20 years old and the last time i had was a month ago, before that it had been a year, because my girlfriend was in another state and thats who i had sex with a month ago, if you can even call it sex. Before my arrival there was a huge sexual tension between us, in fact upon seeing eachother for the first time we simply kissed and then she hurried me straight up to her room. We started getting busy and i got an erection but it wasnt very strong at all, plus i have a small penis(about an inch and a half and with a full erection it would be 5 inches) so 4 minutes into the sex i felt my penis goin down so i hurried and ended up ejactualting 5 minutes after we had started havin sex. She was extremely dissapointed, and so was I. I used to be able to last 3 and a half hours and satify my ladys to the fullest. I dont know what happened, about a year and a half ago i started feeling different, but never thought to ask. Now me and my ex have broken up, do to the horrible sex…. I sure as hell feel like less of a man. Its strange becuse seeing her naked made my mind go wild, but it was as if my head wasnt sending signals to my penis, and its been like this, even when i see fine lookin woman walk by i get extremely turned on, yet i cannot get an erection. When i do get erections they are weak. I think i may have erectile dysfunction due to over masterbation, and having ate exxecissively, clogging up my arteries. I am know doin a 30 day water fast(its been 4 days so far), plus i have stopped masterbating completely and i am walking daily, i stopped watching porn all this in hopes of getting back to normal, please i wanna be completely cured. I have also given up ciggarettes and marijuana. I wanna know why my brain wont send signals down to my penis, i mean im young, I wanna enjoy life, and right now im not…I would appreciate iall the help i can get and your expertis too. Please help me find a cure.

In: Penis Health, Posted 7 years ago

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